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Section: Misc. Reference Manual Pages (3PCAP)
Updated: 8 March 2015
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This man page documents libpcap version 1.9.1.

Your system may have a different version installed, possibly with some local modifications. To achieve the best results, please make sure this version of this man page suits your needs. If necessary, try to look for a different version on this web site or in the man pages available in your installation.


pcap_dump - write a packet to a capture file  


#include <pcap/pcap.h>

void pcap_dump(u_char *user, struct pcap_pkthdr *h,

        u_char *sp);


pcap_dump() outputs a packet to the ``savefile'' opened with pcap_dump_open(3PCAP). Note that its calling arguments are suitable for use with pcap_dispatch(3PCAP) or pcap_loop(3PCAP). If called directly, the user parameter is of type pcap_dumper_t as returned by pcap_dump_open().  



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